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ZetaSites, LLC To Launch Enhanced Management Applications
January 27, 2009

In order to service a growing client base, ZetaSites™ works to continually develop the new and enhanced web products and services.

One of the newly released services are Content Managment Systems (CMS). ZetaSites explains why your business should have a website CMS:
  • A content management system is simply a means by which non technical people can edit website content and even change the website design.
  • If your website has a ZetaSites CMS, it will mean YOU can edit the content yourself.
  • In years gone-by a good CMS cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Now, you can get an excellent content management system with ZetaSites for a fraction of that!
  • ZetaSites' automated websites are simple to set up, however if you need help, the ZetaSites professional staff can aide in having you up and running quickly!
  • ZetaSites offers a variety of website design options, that let you have a professional website for a fraction of what other web design firms charge! Another advantage is ZetaSites web systems allow you to change the design of your site easily.
  • You can easily add what are called extensions to your new CMS that will add functionality to your site (like a forum, mass email blast, animations, etc.)
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