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Zeta is founded on providing customization of web designs and applications for specific industry sectors. In essence, we build the applications and customize web designs to achieve maximize effectiveness for the industries our customers serve. We offer attractive designs separated by industry, so you don't have to look or feel like you are getting a "cookie cutter" site. All of our designs allow you customize color and text and pictures so you can present a look targeted to your customers.

Custom Content Management Systems For Maintaining Your OWN Site!

A content management system is simply a means by which non technical people can edit website content and even change the website design. If your website has a Zeta Management Systems (ZMS)™, it will mean YOU can edit the content yourself. In years gone-by good CMS applications cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Now, you can get an excellent content management system with ZetaSites for a fraction of that.

Full Service Listing

  • Web/Email Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Control Panels For Content
  • Photo/File Upload Modules
  • Web Forums
  • Web Blogs
  • Social Networking Set-up and Integration
    • This includes setting up outreach avenues such as YouTube, Flickr, and others to integrate with your site
  • Web Extensions For Additional Content Management
  • Web Application Development
  • Mass Email Services (Email Marketing)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inventory Management Applications
  • Web Promotions
Note: There are many, many more features available like email, additional categories, inventory pages, specials and promotional modules - to name a few! Contact us today to find out which web package is right for you!

ZetaSites Launches CMS
In order to service a growing client base, ZetaSites, LLC works to continually develop the new and enhanced web products and services - Click to read more!